• Residential & Commercial Services

    Home based solar power is a quiet, nearly maintenance free, continuous source of electricity. Whether you own a home or a business, electric costs make up a large portion of your overall expenses. Electricity rates are also steadily increasing, and can be quite unpredictable. Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at your home or business can either eliminate your electric bill completely or reduce it so drastically that electricity costs are no longer a significant factor in your budget. Solar power packs can improve a home or business owner's expense management capabilities.

  • Industrial Services

    Industrial Solar Power Systems can maximise financial returns by optimising the solar power packs size against site specific constraints. A healthy respect for the environmental clubbed with SPV solutions can help the business achieve good business credentials as well.

    We offer a full range of services for industries including design, planning and project management including system implementation, operation and maintenance of your Solar Power System. Our superior solar technology products ensure maximum output generation for your commercial building.

    Save on operating costs and increase profit margins with a Solar PV system.

  • Agricultural Services

    Solar water pumping systems are very economical as compared to the conventional pumping systems that work through Diesel generators or Utility Grid. Applications are diverse, wherein solar water pumping systems can provide electricity for Irrigation, Agriculture, Home and village supply, Camp sites, Water Pumping, Desalination, Purifying etc.